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  • Raheja Platinum, Marol CHS road, off Andheri kurla road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059
  • +1 202-960-2080
  • Office Hrs: Today 9.00am to 6.00pm

What We Do

Professional and
dedicated consulting services

At DedicatusIT, we specialize in providing remote tech services and dedicated technical support for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) worldwide. Our mission is to empower MSPs by offering reliable and cost-effective solutions that enhance their capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.
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What We Offer

Our dedicated technical resources address the challenges MSPs face in attracting and retaining skilled tech experts. With exclusive dedication to your MSP, our engineers bring a higher level of expertise and complete control. From Level 1 to Level 4, we have the skills and experience to match your specific requirements.

Technical Training:

Overcome budget constraints with our tailored technical training programs. We provide comprehensive training sessions on a wide range of topics to empower your staff, ensuring they excel in their roles and deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Focus on MSPs' Core Business:

Let us handle hiring dedicated technical resources while you focus on your core business. Partner with DedicatusIT and consider us an extension of your IT team, enabling seamless integration and collaboration, and allowing you to prioritize your clients’ needs and business objectives.


Scale your technical capabilities effortlessly as your MSP grows. With limited skilled local techs, meeting increased demands becomes challenging. DedicatusIT provides scalable solutions, freeing you from recruitment and resource constraints. Count on us to deliver skilled engineers who support new clients and projects effectively.


Eliminate delays and recruitment challenges during peak times and simultaneous projects. DedicatusIT provides a dedicated technical team available on-demand, ensuring prompt response times, timely issue resolution, and consistent service quality, even during high-demand periods.

Customer Satisfaction:

Enhance customer satisfaction with DedicatusIT. Our dedicated tech engineers excel in handling complex technical scenarios, ensuring consistent service quality and leaving your clients satisfied. Strengthen client relationships and build a reputation for reliability by delivering exceptional service.

Gain a competitive edge in the MSP industry by partnering with DedicatusIT. Our dedicated services, technical expertise, and commitment to your success will help you overcome challenges, drive growth, and deliver unbeatable value to your clients. Contact us to discover how we can add value to your business.

Let DedicatusIT be your trusted partner for reliable and cost-effective technical support.